What can i use the chat for?

You can use the chatroom to talk to friends and people who are selling or hiring items.


How to use my secret wardrobe chat.

Once you have registered and logged into my secret wardrobe, you will see a green chat icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. Click on the icon to open the chat.

You must register to use the chatroom. Once you register you will be able to keep your ranks across devices, use more smiley features, add friends, have private chats and more!

Registering is for free! Visit https://minnit.chat/register

Once you have registered you can start to chat by going to settings and then login. In the setting or menu tab, you can disconnect from the chat, change chat preferences and more!


Forgot password.

If you have forgotten your password,  go to https://minnit.chat/login and right click (Forgot password? Click here to reset it.) Enter the email address which you have used for that account and a reset password link will be sent to your email.


Group Chat

Once you have registered you can join a group chat by going to messages and clicking on My Secret Wardrobe to see who is on line. This is an open group chat. To have a private chat with a user, right click on the user name and send them a direct message.


Adding a friend

Right-click on a user name that is online you can add them as a friend. You can also send them a direct message and if they are off line they will receive the message once they login. You can ignore users or remove friends at anytime.


What if the chat room is full.

It’s hard to have a discussion when there are many users in a chat talking at the same time.Subrooms automatically split the chat into separate rooms when you get a lot of users.You will always be able to move between subrooms even if they are full, so your chat always stays moderated.